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Why CarGurus?

With a technology foundation designed to make car shopping better for both sellers and buyers, CarGurus partners with dealers to deliver informed, ready-to-buy shoppers at a scale that can drive results. We use algorithms and market data analysis to help millions of automotive shoppers search for cars and quickly identify the best deals from top-rated dealers in their local area.

Founded in 2006 by Langley Steinert, co-founder of TripAdvisor, CarGurus became an industry leader by introducing new levels of transparency and efficiency to the car research and shopping experience. In 2014, we launched our UK site and quickly became the fastest growing car shopping site in the country.

As consumers increasingly turn to online tools to simplify the complex process of buying a car, we arm them with the essential pricing guidance and dealership ratings they need. The result is that our leads and connections are informed, serious, and ready-to-buy.

Why sign up for CarGurus?
When you list your inventory with CarGurus premium products, you receive direct contact information on leads which allows you to connect faster and sell more vehicles. You also receive high-quality connections to your dealership website and lot thanks to branding and maps on all of your vehicle detail pages.

As a CarGurus customer, you also gain access to our Dealer Dashboard and premium tools that help you better price, market, and sell your inventory, and a dedicated support team that will train you on these tools and ensure that your CarGurus investment is ROI positive.