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50% discount continued: ongoing support for May

Posted by Andrew Dooley on April 2, 2020

As the COVID-19 situation continues, we hope you and your family are safe. We want to let you know that as the very difficult climate for business persists in the UK, we’re here to support you however we can.

As part of that support, we are continuing the discounted rates we started in April into May:

  • We’ve reduced all CarGurus and PistonHeads listings subscription rates applicable to May by 50%.
  • Your subscription will still be active, your contract with us will remain effective, and you will continue to receive leads, but as buyer activity has slowed, we expect lower lead volumes.
  • We continue to invest in driving traffic to and to support the many buyers who are researching online and thinking about their next purchase.
  • We also continue to make improvements to our site and the digital experience for those buyers who are checking out your online storefront instead of your physical forecourt at this time.


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At an unprecedented time like this, it is so important that we stay safe and look out for each other. We are in this together, and whilst this is a very serious situation, we need to remember that it shall pass.

We hope you stay safe and that your business gets back to normal as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager, or call 0808 501 5427. We’ve also created this page to bring you the latest updates and resources from CarGurus, all in one place.

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