CarGurus helps Imperial Car Supermarkets expand their business

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on November 7, 2018

Last month, we caught up with Neil Smith, Operations Director at Imperial Car Supermarket, to learn how he uses CarGurus to keep his dealership competitive in today’s changing marketplace. We were delighted to hear that one of the main reasons he invests in CarGurus is because of our ambition to grow in the UK—and he’s not wrong!

We’re already #1 in the US, and now we’re the fastest growing automotive shopping site in the UK.* Because of our focus on technology, we’ve been able to scale high-quality web traffic to, allowing dealers to stay relevant and in front of informed, ready-to-buy car shoppers.

Attribution was also a hot topic for Neil and his team. With access to our monthly postcode matching service, Neil’s team can see exactly which sales are attributed to CarGurus, proving they always get a great return on investment from our platform. Check out the clip below.

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*comScore Media Metrix, Multi Platform, Q2 2018

Topics: Attribution, dealer success, ROI