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CarGurus launches exciting new initiatives to drive brand awareness and engagement

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on June 11, 2021

At CarGurus, we’re always looking for new ways to send even more buyers to your vehicles. That’s why we’re delighted to announce two exciting new initiatives that our team has been working on to further increase brand awareness and buyer engagement. In combination with pent-up demand continuing to flood the market, these efforts will help drive more leads and sales to your dealership.

New TV ads highlight benefits of shopping on CarGurus

This month, CarGurus introduced a new television ad campaign titled “Consumer Confidence”. It features two spots that highlight the transparent car buying experience CarGurus provides, helping consumers easily and quickly find great deals on used cars. The ads are designed to help drive even more potential buyers to your CarGurus listings and will run from through Q4.

The inspiration for the campaign comes from our latest Buyer Insight Report, which revealed that only around half (53%) of vehicle buyers are very confident when buying a car, while 36% often feel uncertain about the process.

“At CarGurus, we pride ourselves on giving consumers a transparent and informative online buying platform. The overarching aim of our Consumer Confidence campaign is to demonstrate this consumer-centric approach, showing how we distill millions of data points into digestible insights that help consumers easily find a great deal on their used car purchase,” said Sarah Welch, Chief Marketing Officer at CarGurus.

Check out one of the ads below, and keep an eye out for the others, now airing on television.

CarDealer magazine podcast sponsorship expands brand visibility in the industry

Throughout 2021, CarGurus and PistonHeads will be sponsoring the CarDealer magazine podcast. With over 4,000 monthly listeners, this extension of the ever-popular CarDealer magazine and website focuses on the latest news and weekly talking points inside the auto industry.

The long-term sponsorship is designed not only to increase CarGurus’ visibility within the industry but also to reward listeners. Keep an ear out for the CarGurus and PistonHeads ad at the beginning and middle of each episode and you might hear a special offer or two! Check out the latest episode here.

We hope that these new initiatives help you build momentum after the earlier months of lockdown this year and drive a high return on investment for your dealership.