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CarGurus UK Vehicle Availability Index & Insights report – February 2022

Posted by Kevin Roberts on March 7, 2022

February ended up being a near carbon copy of January’s results, as month-over-month variances were relatively small – however, particularly for prices, the year-over-year values remain elevated.

The CarGurus UK Used Vehicle Availability Index decreased by 0.4% from January, but values remained above last year’s levels, up 12.2%. As with inventory, average listing prices saw a small drop of 0.9% from January to around £19.5k, but year-over-year levels remained substantially higher with values up 38%. Continuing the trend of small declines, average days-on-market saw yet another decrease of 1% from January. In an inverse of prices, the average days-on-market was down 29.2%, highlighting that while the inventory index has seen some recovery, there is a high degree of churn taking place underneath the surface.

With a month of subtle shifts, there obviously hasn’t been a significant change in outlook for 2022 – however, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the balance between supply and demand as average prices remain at historically high levels.

To learn more about the trends impacting vehicle inventory, download the February 2022 edition of the CarGurus UK Vehicle Availability Index & Insights.   

Topics: inventory, used vehicles, vehicle availability