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Connect with your leads through WhatsApp

Posted by Andrew Dooley on June 3, 2020

During this challenging time for UK dealerships, our focus remains on improving our partner services. Through the constant evaluation and enhancement of our products and the launch of new value-adding features like Remote Sales Solutions, we aim to constantly improve the return on investment for our dealers.

In line with this focus, we are now launching WhatsApp lead management as a free service for our UK partners. Dealerships can now communicate with car buyers via their favourite messaging app.

As with Managed Chat and Text, leads will be handled by our in-house staff. The lead is further qualified and then sent to your dealership, reducing any wasted time. The good news is that our initial test results have shown an increase in lead generation rates.

Why It Matters:

  • Additional leads from mobile website visitors.
  • Real-time follow up on inbound leads.
  • Reduced service time spent on phone calls, freeing up employee resources.
  • Increased loyalty when customers add you as a contact.

Read more about the free service options available to your dealership to help combat the impact of COVID-19. To discuss WhatsApp lead services or speak about any aspect of your account, call us today on 0808 501 5678.

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