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Contactless Services Feature Availability Update

Posted by Andrew Dooley on February 5, 2021

As of October 2021, “Contactless services” as a filter is being phased out, and “Home Delivery” will be included in the new “How to shop” SRP filter and on VDPs.

During the pandemic, many of our dealer partners have participated in CarGurus’ Contactless Services offering, which gives dealerships the flexibility to opt in or opt out to advertising a range of contactless services that they make available to prospective buyers.

Given the current national lockdown restrictions and after talking with many of our dealers, we have decided to temporarily suspend the availability of “free test drive at home” and “private dealer appointments” from the menu of advertisable services. These services will not appear on listings at this time. Once the lockdown restrictions ease, dealers will be able to opt back into these services.

We know that the nature and timing of government restrictions differ from country to country, and we believe this approach helps to reduce confusion for consumers and best serves our dealers.

CarGurus is committed to supporting both our dealers and consumers in the UK, and to supporting the community at large as we all work together to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.