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New Products and Features released!

Posted by Andrew Dooley on September 29, 2020

New Dealer Dashboard

A new, refreshed navigation is coming to your Dealer Dashboard in October! This update will save you time and help you easily access key dashboard functions, such as your package performance, leads, as well as market and stock insights.

Improved Market Analysis Tool


During this challenging time for UK dealerships, our focus remains on improving our partner services. We aim to constantly improve the return on investment for our dealers, and have launched WhatsApp Lead Management as a free service for our UK partners. As with Managed Chat and Text, leads will be handled by our in-house staff. The lead is further qualified and then sent to your dealership, reducing any wasted time and increasing lead generation rates.

Learn more about the new Market Analysis tool.

Area Boost available now


As dealerships adopt new strategies to sell vehicles, we are excited to bring you Area Boost. Expand your reach and grow buyer interactions by showing your deliverable vehicles in search results outside of your local market when there are few key local matches. By making it easy for low-funnel buyers to find the exact cars they want, Area Boost helps you compete in low-supply markets that you weren’t previously reaching.

Learn more about Area Boost.

Learn more about Area Boost.

You may have already seen but we also announced our sponsorship of The Simpsons on Channel 4 . in a continued effort to drive consumer awareness and value for our dealer network, sending more car buyers to you. Our focus remains on building industry-leading technology that helps our partners connect with highly engaged buyers. To speak with your account manager about optimising your account call them today on 0808 189 2259.