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Data shows CarGurus leads convert into appointments at best-in-class levels

Posted by Beth Burke on September 21, 2020

CarGurus is partnering with Calldrip, a provider of lead management software focused on speed of response, to help our dealer partners connect with more customers and close more deals. In the first half of 2020, Calldrip shared anonymous email lead data with CarGurus from 29 mutual dealerships. The goal was to understand how CarGurus email leads with contact information compared to the classified market on a variety of key sales metrics, including:

  • Connected rate: percentage of email leads that result in a phone conversation with the prospective buyer
  • First time contact rate: percentage of phone calls that connect with the prospective buyer at the first attempt
  • Sales appointment set ratio: average number of appointments made from Calldrip monitored calls

The results were clear: CarGurus ranked higher than the industry standard across all metrics. The data revealed that CarGurus email leads converted to appointments at a rate of 37%, and showed a 78% connected rate and a 65% first time contact rate, setting a new bar for vendors using Calldrip technology.

What makes CarGurus rank higher than the industry standards? The automotive shopping site was the first in the UK market to feature Instant Market Value (IMV). This industry-leading deal rating technology offers the transparency and third-party validation that modern car buyers demand. This commitment to transparency and deal rating accuracy builds trust and moves buyers further down the purchase funnel to help dealers sell more cars and ensure they get the most from the leads that are sent to them.

To learn more about the added value and insight CarGurus and Calldrip can bring to your dealership, contact CarGurus today: 0808 196 5389.

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