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Dealer Spotlight with Perrys

Posted by Andrew Dooley on March 22, 2021

At CarGurus, we believe our dealers have valuable stories and insights worth sharing. Today, we’re featuring Perrys.  

The History

In 1908, Harold Perry founded a business selling motor accessories and was soon appointed as Ford’s main dealer for London. Perrys expanded into other areas over the years and in 1982 Perrys branched out from Ford into other franchises. This expansion laid the foundations for the 51 dealerships and 30 locations you’ll find Perrys at today.

The Challenge

As one of the longest standing dealer groups in the UK with vast amounts of experience, Perrys still challenges itself to keep trying new things in order to stay ahead of the competition and maintain its success in the future. Perrys is also focused on ensuring its 2,500 used car stock returns strong profit per unit.

The Approach

Never afraid to try new things, Perrys has been working with CarGurus since its start in the UK in 2018. However, part of that openness to testing new systems and services means the retailer isn’t afraid to turn off services that don’t provide a good return. Perrys’ Managing Director, Darren Ardron, is keen to test and adopt new systems that will help the business run more smoothly by helping customers through their car buying journey and subsequently improving the firm’s bottom line.

Measuring the Impact

The passion within the CarGurus team, and their focus on testing new ideas and new ways of measuring performance, has helped foster a strong partnership with Perrys.

“One of our big investments over the past few years has been our call centre, and everything now is monitored through that. So, we look at the amount of leads that come in, we then attribute sales, and we can work back to cost per sale, cost per lead. We have had providers in the past that, quite frankly, we’ve never measured, and then actually once we have started to measure, we’ve realised we got very little out of it. So, we’ve changed that. Now we absolutely measure everything to the nth degree.”

Darren added: “A lot of marketing is about testing and learning. And that, again, is probably one of the things I’ve seen with CarGurus, we’ve tested things over the years, and if it’s not worked, we’ve moved on and tested something different in there but it’s quite impressive. We’ve seen more emails coming in and we’ve seen more phone calls coming in.” For Darren it’s simple: “The results from CarGurus are going in the right direction. The fact that the results are going the right way says to me that it must be working.”

Partnering with CarGurus delivered what Perrys needed from a digital marketing platform. To learn more about the features and products available to your dealership click here or speak with our team today on 0808 196 0602.