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Dealer Spotlight with Riverside Motor Group

Posted by Andrew Dooley on October 14, 2020

At CarGurus, we believe our dealers have valuable stories and insights worth sharing. Today, we’re featuring Riverside Motor Group, an independently-owned dealership in Yorkshire.  

The History

Established in 1982, Riverside Motor Group is an independently-owned business that prides itself on outstanding customer service across award-winning dealerships located in Doncaster, Wakefield, and Hull. Riverside Motor Group includes authorised Volvo, SEAT and Mitsubishi dealers, and their dealerships are recognised by their respective car manufacturers as offering the highest standards of customer service and care.

The Challenge

Starting a marketing department from scratch was an opportunity and a challenge for Riverside Motor Group. With a blank canvas to work on, Group Marketing Manager Milen Kolev needed a spread of suppliers to provide high-quality results, and each partner needed to prove they were consistently delivering value while the group introduced an ecommerce platform.

What’s more, Milen had to win over the sales team to make any marketing changes stick. “Good marketing and sales should always work together, and when they work together, the results are magnificent. If there’s any resistance or internal friction, then they can’t help the business, and we’re all here to help the business”.

The Approach

Riverside Motor Group started working with CarGurus just over a year ago as part of a diversified marketing strategy to improve sales alignment, using a bundle of features including Area Boost for increased reach as well as WhatsApp messaging as a new platform for engagement. CarGurus’ dashboard was also vital to allow measurement of lead value.

“The amalgam of lead quality and competitive pricing, that’s what stands out with CarGurus. We rely on getting good quality leads, and not having to overpay for them, and we wouldn’t like it any other way”, said Milen.

According to Milen, finding a trusted and transparent partner in CarGurus during challenging times has been another key factor in driving success. “Like friends, you realise who your best business partners are in times of crisis. We’ve had those moments with Coronavirus and CarGurus was there as a valued strategic partner with new solutions, with help and with an excellent account manager. We were definitely looking in the same direction”.

Measuring the Impact

CarGurus went from being in Riverside’s top ten suppliers when they started over a year ago to being in the top three. The group has seen an across-the-board increase in the performance of CarGurus leads thanks to multiple, tracked lines of communication to the consumer, as well as improving trust levels with car buyers. This meshed perfectly with Riverside’s own brand image for high quality service. Additionally, the CarGurus dashboard offered actionable insights and in-depth knowledge to be shared in a simple way, proving value to both directors and the sales team.
In addition to providing in-depth insights and strong lead quality, CarGurus has helped Riverside drive measurable results through their implementation of Area Boost and WhatsApp messaging. “These two features have been the most successful for us, together with quite a few other tools that we were using already from CarGurus”, said Milen.

The Results

  • 20% of all digital leads received by Riverside Motor Group in May 2020 came from CarGurus
  • 24% of CarGurus leads came via Area Boost


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