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Dealer Spotlight with RRG Group

Posted by Andrew Dooley on February 15, 2021

At CarGurus, we believe our dealers have valuable stories and insights worth sharing. Today, we’re featuring the RRG Group.  

The History

From humble beginnings in 1967, the RRG Group has grown to become one of the biggest and most successful dealer groups in the North, with new and used car dealerships across the North West and West Yorkshire regions. Over the last 50 years the RRG Group has seen many developments, acquisitions, sales, expansions, building developments; all of which have helped to position the Group as a successful diverse business.

The Challenge

Looking towards the future and planning beyond the manufacturer’s next quarter targets is one of the key challenges for the RRG Group. This dedication to innovation is an ethos set by the firm’s international owner, Marubeni Auto Investments UK. Marubeni tasks the RRG Group team with planning for big-picture future initiatives such as autonomous cars, car-sharing models, and digital retail in order to ensure the long-term success of the company.

The Approach

Adopting new technology across a host of retail areas was essential for RRG Group to future-proof the business as well as to address the evolving challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Jonathan Royle, Group Marketing Manager, is responsible for marketing the group’s 1,400-strong stock. He uses CarGurus to display every vehicle and provide customers with continued access to used cars in the safest ways possible. Looking ahead gave the RRG Group an advantage going into the first lockdown, said Jonathan.

Unlike many retailers, RRG Group already had the systems in place for online retailing before the pandemic forced dealerships to close in March.
“We’ve had the words ‘future ready’ in our heads for the past three years. We’ve been first to market with a lot of things. We were the first to go end-to-end retail and e-commerce on our website,” said Jonathan.

Measuring the Impact

During the first lockdown, other groups took the opportunity to play catch-up on digital retailing, so RRG Group had to think of new ways to maintain its lead. “We up-weighted our activity with CarGurus and enhanced our listings. And we’ve seen the benefit of it, with genuine inquires coming through.”

RRG Group also credits CarGurus with recognising the value in supporting its dealer partners during the lockdowns: “I thought it was great what CarGurus did in terms of understanding our state and the fact we can’t just keep paying out. CarGurus was the first to come out and offer 50% off and the generosity was greatly appreciated.”

Jonathan added that CarGurus’ improvements over the past three years on its profile has also helped RRG Group. “I like the ambition and I liked the fact that CarGurus is willing to push the boundaries. And the most impressive thing with CarGurus has been that it listens to the dealer network.” As Jonathan explains, the results of this are clear: “When I look at digital leads coming through, they have grown significantly, it must have tripled since we started with CarGurus.”

Partnering with CarGurus delivered what RRG Group needed from a digital marketing platform, particularly during challenging times. To learn more about the features and products available to your dealership to help optimise your CarGurus partnership and connect with more highly engaged buyers, speak with our team today on 0808 196 0602 or visit here.