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Driving Positivity: Local dealers are pitching in to help their communities during the pandemic

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on April 15, 2020

Dealers have always been known as pillars of their community, supporting charities, local organisations and residents during times of need—and the COVID-19 crisis is no exception. Even as they’ve had to temporarily close their doors and adjust their operations, car dealers across the UK are still doing their best to give back and support their communities as they weather the pandemic.

We all need a little positivity in our lives right now, so we’ll be highlighting stories of local dealers and organisations pitching in to help. Below is our first inspiring story of one dealer making a difference in his community. We’ll be updating this post regularly, so please share your own story with us!

Uptick in UK leads on CarGurus points to start of recovery

While we’re likely still weeks, if not months, away from knowing exactly how long it will take for the economy to fully rebound, buyers are coming back to CarGurus. As posted here earlier, new vehicle registrations in April alone fell 97%. However, demand is starting to return as consumers realize that they can still research and sometimes purchase that vehicle they need.

While leads hit a low in March, shortly after many dealerships started to close, they have been rising ever since. In fact, the volume of indexed UK used vehicle leads on CarGurus is now higher than it was at the start of February. And as UK leads climb back to February levels, it’s important to remember that the longer customers have to wait, the more demand will continue to build. All signs point to an eventual growth in vehicle sales that will outpace seasonal norms.

Chorley Group donates free cars to organisation and businessman in need

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK, the team at Chorley Group knew they had to help. Before going into lockdown, the Lancashire dealership donated six electric cars to Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust to help keep their workforce mobile. That was on top of having already been offering cost price emergency MOT and repair work for all NHS staff prior to the six-month MOT exemption, which recently went into play.

In addition to their support of the NHS, the dealership donated a van to publican and restaurateur Kevin Bath. He’s using the van to deliver food to local residents in need.

“These are unprecedented times and we all have to do our bit,” said Andrew Turner, Chairman at Chorley Group.

Chorley Group continues to be there to meet their community’s critical need for transportation throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Ben is here to help dealers in need

In these unprecedented times, things can get overwhelming for any car dealer. has been on the front line helping UK dealers through difficult periods for years. From helping with financial concerns to providing health and wellbeing support, Ben is continuing to provide assistance to the UK dealer community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information about Ben, click here.

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