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How to convince your boss that your dealership needs to use CarGurus

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on March 27, 2018

You know your job better than anyone, and you know that CarGurus will help you sell more vehicles. There’s only one thing: you need your boss’s approval.

Don’t let that conversation get in your way. Carve out some time to explain why CarGurus is worth it. Your boss will be thrilled that you found a way to bring more customer engagement to your vehicles and dealership brand!

Here are three tips for convincing your boss to upgrade your CarGurus package.

1. Identify the need for a change

The way people shop for cars is changing. Used car buyers in the UK are spending an average of six hours researching vehicles and dealerships online before making a purchase,1 so your dealership can’t afford not to invest in digital marketing channels. If your boss is set in their ways and still prefers traditional channels like print advertising, make sure they’re aware that third-party classified ad sites are the most popular way for used car buyers to research vehicles and dealerships.2 CarGurus’ paid listings packages help amplify your dealership’s presence online, so you can reach more ready-to-buy shoppers.

2. Let them know what they’re missing

If you’re on CarGurus’ free Basic Listings Package, you’ll already know how hard it is to get a complete picture of the car shopper through anonymised email addresses. Don’t be shy about letting your boss know that — and how that changes when you upgrade to our paid packages.

On average, dealers who upgrade to the Enhanced Listings Package receive 180% more interactions and an 18% increase in lead volume.3 With CarGurus’ paid listings packages, you receive the shoppers’ complete contact information, making it easier and faster to interact with them — and close a sale! Additionally, you get access to tools that help you:

  • Brand your vehicle detail page (VDP) with your dealership’s name, link to your website and location, and phone number so your customers can reach you more easily and in ways that they prefer
  • Control your search rankings to give your vehicles greater visibility than your competitors
  • Analyse the local market so you can stay competitive and keep your inventory relevant

3. Explain how CarGurus can help your dealership’s bottom line

We know that 52% of UK shoppers are showing up at dealerships unannounced, without having made an appointment.4 This tells us just how important it is to look beyond traditional leads. Dealerships are starting to recognise the value of other interactions such as VDP views, and map and website clicks because they are very strong signals of a consumer’s intent to purchase. When you upgrade your CarGurus package you can make sure your dealership has the opportunity to put valuable brand information in front of interested shoppers. You can then see exactly how your customers are interacting with your vehicles in your Dealer Dashboard.

1,2,4Opinium/CarGurus, December 2017 (5,004 UK used car buyers)

3CarGurus Study Q2 2016-Q3 2017, among avg. connection rates of dealers who upgrade from the Basic to Enhanced products and are on site for >3 months (n=567)

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