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How to Succeed with CarGurus Delivery

Posted by Sarah Cunningham on June 4, 2020

As buyers increasingly conduct research and make purchases online, digital retail is key to succeeding in today’s tech-driven automotive industry. Buyers are searching on CarGurus to find the best deals for their next car – for you, it’s just a matter of reaching them with the right stock. 

Get Started on CarGurus Delivery
  • Identify your delivery costs and capacity, especially if you partner with a vendor for delivery logistics 
  • Decide how you want to reach buyers with CarGurus Delivery 
    • Choose your delivery radius 
    • Decide if and how much to charge buyers for delivery 
    • Identify stock to list for delivery – you can exclude vehicles below a certain price from the program
  • Write out a return policy that includes a 14-day return option for vehicles that don’t match their description
Maximise Your Success 
  • Regularly ensure your vehicle descriptions, trim, and options are accurate 
  • Price your stock with a good distribution of great, good, and fair deals 
  • Provide the right customer experience 
    • Build trust by responding to enquiries quickly 
    • Explain what the online purchase process consists of for your buyer
    • Video chat with the buyer to honestly showcase the good and the bad of your vehicles 
    • Review the vehicle description, trim, and options listed on CarGurus for the vehicles that the buyer is interested in
  • Review metrics such as: 
    • The number of vehicles you’ve shipped 
    • The amount VDP views and leads from CarGurus Delivery listings – find this in your Dealer Dashboard! 
    • The walk-in traffic from buyers who traveled further distances to your dealership
A delivery vehicle may require more effort and digital solutions to an in-person experience, but following these steps will help you satisfy more happy customers. To learn more about participating, call 0808 164 9272. Why not download this handy one-pager to share with your colleagues?
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