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New lockdown response: no fees in December; free Area Boost upgrade

Posted by Jeremy Sacco on November 6, 2020

After a summer of what seemed to be a recovery and return towards normalcy, England joins Wales in a second Covid-19 lockdown this week. While many dealers have demonstrated remarkable resilience and flexibility in their marketing and retailing tactics, we understand that a renewed lockdown will create a challenge even for dealers who can continue some operations, such as “click and collect” or other methods allowed by the Government restrictions.

To continue our support for all of our customers, we announced the following changes:

  • We’re making all UK marketplace subscriptions free for the month of December. (Even if the lockdown ends 2/12, the discount will apply to the entire month.)
  • This applies to all CarGurus UK and PistonHeads customers regardless of actual lockdown status.
  • Dealers’ subscriptions will still be active, contracts will remain effective, and dealers will continue to receive leads, but buyer activity may slow, so we expect lower volumes.
  • CarGurus customers can also get a free trial of our new Area Boost product for the month of December. Area Boost extends your audience by advertising vehicles available for delivery outside of your local market. In testing, dealers in the UK saw up to 35% more VDPs in their markets  plus gained the ability to reach low-funnel buyers in other markets. To find out more or get started, reach out to your account representative.

We saw during the earlier lockdowns that customers continued shopping and our introduction of Contactless Services lets you demonstrate the steps you’re taking to keep customers and employees safe, you’ll be able to build your pipeline so you’re ready to hit the ground running when business returns to normal.

Learn more about what we can do together during lockdown in Driving Difference.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or call 0808 168 4404.

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