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Partner focus with Sonny Adams Motor Company

Posted by Aisling Fitzpatrick on November 17, 2022

We drop in on our partner, Sonny Adams Motor Company, to speak about their growth and recent transition to their new site in Hertfordshire.

Always interested in getting a head start on the competition, Sonny Adams tried CarGurus’ Facebook Display — and with great success. Hear how they’ve gradually transitioned all their stock to Facebook Display and how CarGurus are now accountable for 70% of their overall website traffic.

What is Facebook Display?

CarGurus’ Facebook Display is designed to help you reach a high-value audience of CarGurus buyers who are in-market for your vehicle, all while diversifying channels and maximising your efficiency. Our early adopters like Sonny Adams have seen great success, driving lower funnel leads to VDPs on their website.

Here’s how it works:

Facebook Display works by serving ads for your relevant stock on Facebook to shoppers who viewed your dealership’s CarGurus VDPs and similar VDPs.

Put simply:

1. Buyers browse for vehicles on
2. CarGurus’ recommendation engine determines the vehicle interest for each buyer based on key elements of the buyer’s searches
3. CarGurus creates a dynamic ad featuring a vehicle from your available stock that best matches the buyer’s specific interests
4. The ad is served on Facebook feeds of shoppers who saw your VDP and similar VDPs on CarGurus
5. The ad directs the buyer to your website

Interested in trying out Facebook Display? Call the CarGurus team on 0800 808 5557 anytime or request a product demo here.

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