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Reach more buyers across the UK with Area Boost

Posted by Andrew Dooley on September 9, 2020

CarGurus is excited to rename and launch Area Boost (previously called ‘Delivery’ during our testing phase) for our dealer partners. Area Boost is an opportunity to sell your vehicles to buyers across the UK.

  • Expand Your Market: Increase exposure and show your listings to low-funnel buyers outside of your local market
  • Grow Buyer Interactions: Get more buyers to your listings — participating dealers start at 37% more Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) views from buyers in their target market
  • Meet Buyer Demand: Compete in low-supply markets by making it easy for buyers to find the cars they want

For additional information on CarGurus Area Boost check out this one-pager or to discuss the potential benefits for your dealership call 0808 196 5231 to speak with your CarGurus Account Manager.

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