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Subscriptions discounts renewed once again for new lockdown

Posted by Jeremy Sacco on January 7, 2021

In what may seem like a bit of deja vu, the UK enters 2021 with another Covid-19 lockdown. We understand how challenging this is for dealers, and as a result, we’re reinstating a discount program for our customers – as we did in April, May, June and December.

This discount enables dealers to continue to engage with buyers via the CarGurus and PistonHeads platforms during the lockdown. On CarGurus, that includes driving contactless sales and delivery (“click and collect”) where allowed by Government restrictions.


  • We’re making all UK marketplace subscriptions free for the month of February.
  • Your subscription will still be active, your contract with us will remain effective, and you will continue to receive leads.
  • CarGurus will continue to offer subscribing dealers a free trial of our Area Boost product to expand the reach of vehicles available for delivery.

We hope you stay safe and that your business gets back to normal as quickly as possible.

Learn more in the Dealer Resource Centre, including how our Contactless Services options let you highlight the safety measures you’re taking to sell cars in today’s environment.