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Tracking the customer’s buying journey

Posted by CarGurus Admin on February 7, 2019

Know your customers’ digital route

In today’s digital age, there is almost no end to the amount of information customers can find online during their shopping process. Yet, the majority of buyers still visit showrooms to test drive vehicles and make a purchase.

To be able to reach these shoppers early on and steer them to your showroom though, you must first understand their digital journey—and analytics help make this possible. Whether a customer visits a manufacturer website, social media profile, third-party shopping site, or something else, analytics allow you to keep tabs on their digital footprint. When you tap into that information, you’ll be able to understand exactly how customers have made their way to your dealership’s website—and from where—so you can begin to tailor your messages accordingly and drive more traffic to your forecourt.

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Using data to refine your online ad strategy and target buyers more effectively

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on May 1, 2018

Data is a window into buyer behaviour—use it to refine ads and drive sales

As a dealer, you should go beyond high-level metrics like Click Through Rate (CTR) to create a more rounded view of the path buyers travel to your website and the actions they take when they get there. As we discovered in our article on measuring data, the key data you need is surprisingly easy to find and analyse. In this piece, we’ll learn more about the valuable insights this data provides and how you can use it to attract more serious, sales-ready buyers.

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