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Responding to customers’ needs with Remote Sales Solutions

Posted by Andrew Dooley on May 27, 2020

In response to the UK government giving the green light for car dealerships to open on June 1st, we pooled some resources together to bring you the highlights of recent consumer research that will help inform your back to business plans. We also cover some of the ways CarGurus has innovated in response to these consumer sentiments and market changes. Watch now and if you have any questions please call 0808 501 5479.

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Seven secrets for successful sales recruitment

Posted by Ashley Karr on March 10, 2020

Staff turnover can be very high in car dealerships and replacing employees is extraordinarily time consuming and expensive. Losing a member of staff earning £25,000 a year or more costs an average of £30,614, according to an Oxford Economics study, so it literally pays to get recruitment right. Our seven tips reveal how to bag the best salespeople to grow your business.

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How to make sure staff follow up leads

Posted by Ashley Karr on January 27, 2020

In an ideal world, dealers would never be short of sales leads and they’d all be from buyers chomping at the bit to hand over their cash. The reality is often different. We’ve discussed ways of increasing your number of leads, but as dealers know, quantity doesn’t always equal quality, and you can find yourself inundated with dead-end duds. Or leads might just be in short supply.

It’s crucial that sales executives follow up on leads—especially the best quality ones. Even the most successful dealer groups admit that getting sales staff to diligently chase down leads is not the easiest of tasks, and they need cast-iron processes to make sure it happens. Here are some of the best ways to make sure your staff follows up.

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What sets great dealers apart: key website metrics to track

Posted by Ashley Karr on October 30, 2018

Monitoring website performance is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy

Your website is the lifeblood of your business, and most of your digital marketing efforts likely revolve around ways of driving people towards it. In fact, according to Hubspot’s latest State of Inbound report, 54% of companies say driving more website traffic is their current marketing priority.

That’s a laudable aim. But for car dealers, as with all businesses, driving extra traffic is only useful if your website meets both visitor expectations and business ambitions. Nearly 40% of people will stop engaging with a website if they don’t like its content or design.

By monitoring a few key metrics, readily available on Google Analytics, you can more accurately measure the performance of your website and tweak it to be more user-friendly, compelling, and productive. Making this a continual process of improvement sets great dealers apart and creates the foundation for success—digitally-savvy small businesses are five times more likely to increase profits and operate more efficiently than less advanced competitors.

With that in mind, here’s what you need to know.

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