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Text message marketing is simple and cost-effective—and car buyers love it

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on June 26, 2018

Universal coverage and unmatched open rates mean old-fashioned SMS can help dealers engage more effectively with a wider audience

Text messaging celebrated its 25th birthday at the end of 2017, and many people wondered if it would see many more. But rumours of its demise are wide of the mark. For marketers, SMS (short message service) texts remain a simple and cost-effective tool. For dealers, they can be especially potent.

In terms of personal communication, texting has been superceded by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, among others. People don’t receive many text messages anymore, but that means when they do they tend to take notice. Statistics show that a well-crafted, well-timed text message drives audience response in a way other marketing channels just can’t match.

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