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Updates to the Removed Listing Activity tab make attribution easier for dealers

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on January 7, 2019

At CarGurus, we’re working hard to give our dealers better tools to solve the challenge of attribution. We recently launched an update to our Dealer Dashboard that should make it easier for dealers to see which CarGurus leads bought a vehicle.

Lead details added to Removed Listing Activity section

The Removed Listing Activity section isn’t so much new as it is improved. This section lets dealers see their recently sold/removed listings, along with a breakdown of all the CarGurus leads and connections for those vehicles. What’s new is that we’ve added the details of those leads so it’s easier for dealers to tie a specific lead to the sale of a particular vehicle.


With the update, the different lead types appear as links, and, when clicked, provide details that dealers can use to improve their attribution.

  • Email leads: date, name, postal code, email address, phone number
  • Phone leads: date, name, email address, phone number

Now dealers have a way to match vehicle sales to CarGurus buyers by comparing the details of their leads against recently removed listings, all in one place. This improvement gives dealers a simple way to manually attribute sales to their CarGurus investment.

This update is live in our Dealer Dashboard, so our dealers can start viewing the information right away.

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