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Use CarGurus resources to connect with customers after their car purchase and stay top of mind

Posted by Meg Bernazzani on November 20, 2018

People have become information-obsessed, even over the small stuff. And car buyers are no exception. They’re spending more time than ever—over 6 hours in many cases*—researching their purchase options before ever making a decision.

But what happens to those car buyers after they’ve done their research and made their purchase at your dealership? Their need for information doesn’t end. As car owners, they need to know how to maintain their vehicles, where to go for service, what insurance to get, and more.

Providing this type of ownership and maintenance content is the perfect opportunity for your dealership to stay top of mind among your customers. Because, if your customers consider your dealership the go-to for all things cars, then it’s likely they’ll recommend you to others in the market for a car—or come back when it’s time for them to make their next purchase.

From maintenance tips to facts about car ownership, CarGurus has lots of this information on our site, and it’s available for you to share with your customers. Point people to our articles in your email newsletters or social media channels, and keep your customers engaged long after the sale is made.

Here’s a roundup of some of our most popular articles that you—and your customers—might find useful.

This article is part of a series on CarGurus content dealers can use to expand their audience and stay top of mind among consumers. 

*Opinium/CarGurus, Dec 2017, n=5,004 UK used car buyers
Topics: consumer resources, driving sales, marketing tips