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CarGurus Product Solutions

CarGurus is working to support your business as it evolves during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Activate these products and features for CarGurus customers, designed to help you sell remotely.


Area Boost

Expand your reach

Add this product to your listings package to display a delivery indicator to buyers outside your local market who are interested in home delivery.

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Managed Text and Chat

Respond to buyers 24/7

Instantly respond to customers and bring in more leads with CarGurus’ fully managed text and chat program. Ask your account manager about our new WhatsApp program.

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Prepare for Ongoing Success

Leverage these resources so you are ready to get back to selling when
business returns to normal.

See How the Pandemic Impacted Buyers in 2020

View CarGurus data to keep a pulse on the virus’s impact on car buying trends.

Download the latest COVID-19 Sentiment Study


Learn from Industry Experts

Explore new strategies for adapting to a rapidly-changing
consumer climate.

Watch the Recordings from Navigate


Optimise Your Marketing Strategy

Learn how to optimise your digital storefront as more consumers
are shopping online.

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Build Your Online Reputation

Learn how to highlight your best reviews online to stand
out from the competition.

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Improve Your Website

Most dealers say their website is their highest converting tool.
Here are some simple tips for improving your dealership website.

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Leverage Social Media

Car buyers are still searching for their next vehicle
online, leverage social media to stay top-of-mind. Best of all – it’s free!

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COVID-19 Resources

Guidance from the NHS

Up-to-date guidance on managing through COVID-19.

NHS Guidance

Institute of the Motor Industry

Tools, resources and guidance to help you, your team and your
organisation through the COVID-19 crisis

More info

Here to help with

From helping with financial concerns to providing health and wellbeing support,
Ben is continuing to provide assistance to the UK.

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What is Driving Difference?

While COVID-19 continues to disrupt life around the UK, CarGurus is committed to helping dealers
through it all. Our Driving Difference resources are here to help you navigate these uncertain
times, find creative solutions to today’s challenges, and lift you up along the way.

For additional information or to talk with a CarGurus representative any time call 0808 501 5172.