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Featured Priority | Dominate the competition

Featured Priority gives dealers the exclusive option to promote their listings in the #1 spot at the top of the Search Results Page (SRP), leading to great quality exposure and increased clicks to Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs).

Key benefits include:

– Highest quality brand exposure; Premium location in the number one spot of the Search Results Pages to get more car buyers to your listings.
– Enhanced dealership branding; Differentiated listings design including logo and contact info, putting Featured Priority dealers top of mind.
– More clicks on your Vehicle Detail Pages; Dealers in Featured Priority receive increased clicks to their Vehicle Detail Pages when compared to dealerships in Featured.

Dealers in Featured Priority will benefit from the highest quality brand exposure, resulting in more clicks to their Vehicle Detail Pages. Each month, your listings will show up in the Featured Priority position until you have maximised clicks, at which point the listings will revert to normal Featured positions.

We’ve been working with CarGurus for a while and decided to upgrade to a Featured Priority package. We immediately saw an increase in leads and sales giving us a higher ROI on our listings advertising spend. Getting this new package set up was a breeze, our account manager handled everything.” Mike Garrett, Owner of MJA Car Sales.

To discuss the impact that a Featured Priority listings package could have on your dealership call us on 0808 164 5634 or for more information click here.